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Does the grill need power to operate? 
If you wish to cook or bake with wood pellets, you will need to have a 120v, grounded outlet available. If you simply wish to cook with the gas, then no power is needed.

Do the wood pellets automatically ignite?
Yes, but there needs to be gas connected in order for the automatic ignition to function.

Is it possible to cook with both wood pellets and gas in combination?
Yes, the wood pellets will add a great wood fired taste while the gas burners can be used for a fast sear at the same time.

Can a wood pellet tube be swapped out during a cook?
Yes, but keep in mind if you wish to change the flavor/type of wood it will take some time for the pellets inside the auger tube to be used up before the new flavor kicks in.

Give me all the specs, please!
Temperature range: 120F-500F
Grilling Surface: 650 Square Inches
BTUs: 32,000 Btu/hr
Unit Weight: 230 lbs
Dimensions Closed: 38″x45″x25″D
Dimensions Open: 61″x59″x28″D

Does the grill ship with pellets?
Yes, the grill will ship with a variety pack of cooking pellets. The pellet auger will also be primed and ready so that you can begin cooking immediately upon arrival. (Propane tank not included)

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