Black Earth Condo

$ 1,900

(Available for pre-order. Shipping in Spring of 2020)

The HYBRID’s innovative technology combines the benefits of both traditional propane grilling and the wood smoker under one hood. Its easy-to-use functionality makes it a favorite among busy hosts.

The CONDO brings all of this in an incredibly compact package.

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Note: Product not yet available. Final specifications may change.

  • Temperature range: 100F-650F
  • Grilling Surface: 360 Square Inches
  • BTUs: 16,000 Btu/hr
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas & Hardwood Pellets
  • Grate Material: Porcelain Coated Cast
  • Made in Manitoba, Canada
  • Free Shipping

Note: Only ships to Canada and The Continental United States.